Are these headphones wireless?


For audio (sound) we are utilizing the typical audio cable with remote and microphone for compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and iPod devices.

We utilize Bluetooth low energy for easy-pairing with your iPhone device for user programmable sound settings inside the Level Play App

Will the headphones still work without a battery charge?


Dynamic circuitry allows for listening in case of fully depleted battery

What is the battery life?

10 hours

How do I eliminate some pulsing noise when my headphones are charging on some computers?

We recommend you use a separate USB charger to avoid the static/noise generated by the computer, the iPhone charger works as a charger with minimal noise.

Will these headphones work on Android device or my Windows PC?


They do work on any device as long as it has a standard stereo mini jack (3.5mm). However, you can take it a step further with the Alpine Level Play app on an iOS device, such as EQ based tuning.

Sometime if I connect an extension cable to these headphones, the audio quality is impacted

When adding an extension to the headphones, please add it on the L-shaped connector side, and not the straight connector (with the control box). If you extend the straight side, you may experience decrease in audio quality as you mentioned. Extending the L-shaped connector side will reduce that possibility.

I still need help. How do I get support?

Visit www.alpine-usa.com to obtain support with issues.

Download the user manual PDF