Alpine did a beautiful great awesome job at going in and making these killer headphones from the start...for my money, the best consumer headphones you can buy...the sound quality is AMAZING Chris Voss @ Chris Voss Show

The Alpine Headphones are stunning... I honestly forgot that I was wearing the Alpine Headphones after a while, which is a testament to their comfort. Steven Sande @ TUAW

I love how you can feel a great live performance in your entire body, not just your ears. And the headphones Alpine left with me to evaluate do live up to their promise of rocking your cabeza.....these phones are much more than simplistic bass monsters. Michael Brown @ Macworld

Well now Alpine are now making moves into the arena of high-end headphones, and judging from this bass-clunking pair, looking as if they’ve been directly lifted from the set of some 2030 set sci-fi film, they might just be a game changer.

Its first set of cans certainly look the part with high-end aesthetics, and they boast Full Frequency Immersion tech that's meant to simulate the feeling of being at a live show. Billy Steele @ Engadget